Expert Keys 128 Custom KeyPad with Dtouch

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Expert Keys 128 Custom KeyPad with Dtouch

Post by cpia2002 » 04 May 2017 10:30

Hey Guys,

First of all sorry, if you are getting sick of me with all my questions and threads , but i dont want to make any mistakes with spending!

I am looking at getting Expert Keys 128 to use with Cubase and Dtouch - a programmable , USB physical button controller : ... QS6Q1NJSKD

My question is , it already states it works with Cubase , will it work with executing Dtouch Macros and Commands that are linked to Key commands in Cubase .

it would be awesome to have extra control of the Macros and buttons i am in the process of setting up ?

Not sure if anyone uses one but will be handy to have buttons to save screen space and them labelled .


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