Pro Tools scripting SDK

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Pro Tools scripting SDK

Post by ~ufo~ » 27 Dec 2022 22:18

Hi all,

I’m not sure if Aida Sound are still developing their products, but now that ProTools has gained a open scripting SDK in version 2022.12, I can’t help but wonder if DTouch for PT could advance beyond the limits the Aida developers originally pointed out, due to lack of an open SDK. They pretty much said DTouch for PT wouldn’t evolve much because of it and they would focus on the Cubendo version in stead.

I’m barely using PT at the moment as I’ve been doing almost exclusively live theatre work over the last few years (which is a big switch for me) but I’m still working on some personal compositions in PT.

I’m kind of fearing in what PT version DTouch will just stop working. So far so good, within limits.

Would be great if it would get developed more though.

Yvo van Gemert
Pro Tools Ultimate 2021.12 on 16 Core Ryzen 3950X, Iiyama T27, 23" Apple Cinema display, iPad with PT | Control app, no lava lamp.

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